Class Descriptions

WOD - This class consists of a warm up, a skills practice or strength training portion, and finally the high intensity conditioning (called a MetCon). Class is one hour and incorporates bodyweight movements, kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, Olympic Weightlifting, long and short distance running, rowing, and biking, and functional movements like odd object lifts and carries to name a few.  

CF Endurance - This class is very similar in structure to the WOD classes, but the programming focuses more on developing endurance for long distance running events. Proper running form is taught, weight training to strengthen important muscles, and careful attention is paid to interval and distance selection to minimize injuries while improving performance.

CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens:  CrossFit Kids classes are led by Coach Traci and focus on making physical activity fun, rather than a chore. Kids love the energy of the classes and play games while learning correct habits and behaviors in the gym.  CrossFit Teens is led by Coach Linden where he focuses on refining technique and programs workouts that challenge them mentally as well as physically.  Our Kids & Teens programs do not lift heavy weights.

Masters: This class is specially designed for athletes over 55 years old, but not limited to those ages. Deana coaches this class that is fantastic for older people that want the community of group training while participating in functional fitness.

Open Gym:  This is a time when the box is open to practice skills or make up a WOD.  Welcome to all CrossFit members.  

Competition Prep: This class time is typically used by athletes who are preparing for an upcoming CrossFit competition. This is not an introductory class, and is structured much like a competition would be, with more short workouts designed to be completed as sprints. We offer this from 9:30-10:30 am Mon-Sat.

Teen strength and conditioning camps:  Taught by Coach Linden and aimed at teens who are interested in preparing for an upcoming sport or to stay active in the off season.  We offer these 6 week camps M, W, F afternoons after school.  These camps fill up quickly, so inquire about availability.  There will be summer camps as well.