06-27 Friday

Extended Warm Up:

Mobilize / prepare for testing
Prowler / sled sprints! Amount to be determined depending on how many people are in class.

Workout Of The Day:

Performance and/or Fitness

Complete your testing
"52 card pick up"

2-3 person teams
Each suit is paired with a movement:
Hearts: Partner High 5 Sit Ups
Spades: Lunges
Diamonds: Squats
Clubs: Pull up / Ring row

Jokers are 25 burpees!

*Athletes must complete reps together, moving in near-unison!
One team member runs 200m while 2 members work on completing the cards. When teammate returns, another teammate will take off running. When they return, the third teammate will take off! Keep cycling through until you have completed the whole deck.

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