09-21 Monday


prep for lurong

1 arm DB press tension drills 5x3 each arm 

Plate retractors 4X10-12

3X2 HSPU OR 4X4 DB snatch


Lurong Challenge

9 min AMRAP

Ground to Overhead

Bar facing burpee

Weight will increase and Reps will decrease.  This will be ran in heats, so pick your partner that is doing the same level as you and help to encourage each other through Benchmark #2.  

Class will run in 3 phases: group 1 will do lurong, group 2 will be counting for group 1, group 3 will be doing strength/skills. Group 3 will then do lurong, group 2 will go to skills and group 1 will then count for group 3.  

***Endurance Intervals***

4X400m w/2 min rest