12-22 Monday


The gym closes early on Wednesday 12/24 (4pm) and is closed on Thursday 12/25. Check the schedule here.

Extended Warm Up:

1) Press, 3x5 at 40,50,60% (Deloading to make sure your shoulders stay healthy. You need to do this even if you don't have any pain in your shoulders.)|
2a) Dips, exaggerated negatives for those who have dips, ring push ups for those still working on dips
2b) Pull ups, same as dips

Workout Of The Day:

4 rounds of;

50 air squats
75 double unders
20 (Kipping) pull ups
20 sit ups

Fitness: 2x singles or speed step, ring rows
Performance: Speed step, 1/2 strict pull ups
Competitive: with GHD sit ups

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