12-23 Tuesday + Announcement


The gym closes early on Wednesday 12/24 (4pm) and is closed on Thursday 12/25. Check the schedule here.

Extended Warm Up:

1a) Deadlift, 3x5 at 40,50,60% (Deloading to make sure your hips and back stay healthy. You need to do this even if you don't have any problem areas.)
1b) Toes to bar or knees to elbows, 3x12-15

Workout Of The Day:

12 minute Alternating EMOM:

Odd minutes: Max Grasshoppers
Even minutes: Front Rack hold

Fitness: 115/95 lbs (or what you are capable of cleaning to your shoulder)
Performance: 155/125 lbs
Competitive: Your bodyweight on the barbell

CrossFit R3 - The best CrossFit gym in Albany!
1715 Hill St. SE., Albany, Oregon, 97322 | 541-917-3488