2013-11-04 Monday + Info about upcoming WODs


This month with have two max effort days (upper and lower body) and two dynamic effort days (upper and lower body). It will be effective even if you aren't coming in five days a week. 

Max effort means you find your 1RM for that day, don't worry about setting a PR every lift or every day. Keep your form really good. Dynamic effort means we will scale the weight down and do more reps with a variety of methods. Accessory movement (2a and 2b) will be used to introduce new techniques and keep all muscles active during each session. Accessory movements are quick and simple. This the typical structure of an hour class, so the instructor will need everyone's focus to get through the session on time! Classes need to start exactly on time, so use time before class to row/run/bike and mobilize! 

Warm up - 10 minutes

Main movement: 20 minutes

Accessory movements: 10 minutes

Metcon: 20 minutes

Extended Warm Up:

Tabata Double Unders - 8 rounds, record max score

Workout Of The Day:

1) Find 1RM Deadlift (or any other 1RM lift you didn't find last week) - 18:00 minutes

2a) Inverted barbell row 3x12 Demo video 

2b) Sit Ups 3x20


November Benchmark Metcon

10 minute AMRAP

60 Double Unders

15 Dips

8 Handstand Push Ups

Basic - 3x Single unders, Push Ups, Handstand Kick Ups

Int. - Speed Step, Matador dips, HSPU on box

Adv. - as written (ring or matador dips)

Comp. - Ring Dips, Deficit HSPU

Elite - weight vest worn for workout

New Scaling Groups:

Basic - new people transitioning from Prep or Fundementals

Intermediate (Int) - CrossFitters 6-12 months, depending on starting point

Advanced (Adv) - CrossFitters 1-2 years, depending on starting point (this is classic "RX") 

Competitive (Comp) - People who compete, or want to compete starting very soon

Elite - High level competitors looking at Regionals and beyond

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