2013-06-05 Wednesday + Info

Extended Warm Up:

LOG of each;



     Ankle Lift

     High Skip

     WGS w/o hamstring

     Fast feet skips

Workout Of The Day:

 18x15 KB swings

    South Wood Strength #3, 8-6-4 reps of



          Front Squat


Cool Down:

Final day of the JumpNRope challenge!

Five Reasons to Take Cold Showers

  1. Short term cold exposure (30 minutes) in humans leads to fatty acid release to provide fuel for heat production through shivering. This same shivering could be sufficient to recruit GLUT-4 to the surface of muscle cells, contributing to increased lean muscle gains.
  2. Even at shorter durations, cold exposure with shivering could increase adiponectin levels and glucose uptake by muscle tissue. This effect could persist long after the cold exposure ends. This means your body is "eating" fuel (using muscles) rather than storing that fuel as adipose tissue (body fat).
  3. In the absence of shivering, it is still possible to capitalize on "fat burning fat" through the stimulation of Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) thermogenesis. Curiously, even without shivering, there are small but unaccounted increases in lean muscle tissue when comparing underwater vs. land based exercise programs.
  4. Cold water improves immunity. Acute cold exposure has immunostimulation effects, and preheating with physical exercise or a warm shower can enhance this response. Increases in levels of circulating levels of norepinephrine may account for this.
  5. Not germane to fat loss, but another reason to use cold showers; cold showers are an effective treatment for depression. One study used showers at 68 degrees for 2-3 minutes, preceded by a five minute gradual adaption to make the procedure less shocking.

Easiest ways to implement cold therapy in your training:
  1. Place a ice pack on the back of the neck or upper trapezius area for 20 to 30 minutes, preferably in the evening, when insulin sensitivity is lowest.
  2. Consume at least 500 mL of ice water on empty stomach immediately upon waking. At least two studies on water consumption has been shown to increase resting metabolic rate 24 to 30%, peaking 40 to 60 minutes post consumption 
  3. Take 5 to 10 minute cold showers before breakfast and/or before bed. Use hot water for 1 to 2 minutes over the entire body, and step out of water range and shampoo or soap your hair and face. Turn the water to straight cold and rinse your head and face and then turn around and back into the water focusing the water on your lower neck and upper back. Maintain this position for 1 to 3 minutes.
  4. If you're impatient or can tolerate more, take 20 minute ice bath and induce shivering. 

I've been doing short cold showers after all CF training sessions for weeks now and I definitely feel like it's helping. My training isn't much different, if anything it's less because of how busy I am. I have experienced strength gains and body comp improvements that are substantial considering how easy it is to simply take a cold shower.

-Coach Joey

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