2013-06-07 Friday + Coach's "Rant"

Extended Warm Up:

60-45-30-15 seconds of;

     Front Plank

     Side Plank

     Other Side plank

     Hollow Body

Workout Of The Day:

For total time

     Run 800m

     Max Thursters in amount of time equal to the time it took you to complete run

     Run 400m

     Max Slam Ball slams in amount of time equal to the time it took you to complete run

     Run 200m

Coach's Rant: Unsafe Movement

The very nature of 'unsafe movement' is sometimes the nature of movement itself.

Sometimes avoiding certain patterns because they may be 'unsafe' can a mistake. If life is going to throw those same patterns at you, it will probably be in a moment where you have no choice; then you'll be in trouble. But on the other hand, some movements are so ridiculous we want to do them as infrequently as possible.

We hear a lot about people who got injured because of X... But usually injuries are because X movement was applied in Y amount to subject Z (the athlete). All factors should be taken into account.

Most times, the best thing to cure an injury or prevent it is a gradual application of the same stress that may injure you, but in controlled amounts (weight x reps). The key words in that sentence are "gradual" and "controlled". Doing 100 reps of a movement is almost never gradual. Look back at our programming and tell me the last time we did over 100 reps of anything (I can think of one right now - special occasion). I've seen other gyms programming, seen cool movements that I like...then shake my head and shed a single tear when I see silliness like "20 rounds of 10 reps of X"...

On the other hand, think of what we are doing with KB swings. Through gradual and progression, we are building up week after week and soon enough will be doing very high volume swings.

There are no bad movements, just misapplied movements. That being said, there are some movements that can almost never be applied properly. GHD bench press, Back flips as part of a workout, Sumo Deadlift High Pull (When are you going to do that movement in real life??), etc. can be applied to almost no one. That's why I don't like them and why we don't see them at our gym.

Bottom line is this, the "Most Most Most" concept. What movements are most effective, work for most people, most of the time. Do those really well and don't get caught up in the silliness that creeps up around you.

-Coach Joey

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