2013-06-25 Tuesday + Top 5 Fat Loss Strategies

Extended Warm Up:

5 rounds

      7 bridges

      5 jumps

      3 Lunges

Workout Of The Day:

With a 10 minute running clock;

      4 minute AMRAP wall balls then run 800m

      Rest in remaining time


       2:30 AMRAP OH Lunge (45/25) then run 400m


 Lose Fat With The 5 Best Strategies to Increase Fat Burning During Workouts

Read this first! Notes on the above

article: I'll take care of #1, you just be willing to work hard. You focus on #2, #3, and at least get the fish oil in #4 (carnitine doesn't quite have as strong a case for it yet. Also, it should be "blood flow" not "flood flow" in that paragraph). Finally, be careful with #5. A well timed cup of coffee is different than drinking cup after cup or buying caffeine pills from the store. That strategy is one I wouldn't recommend actively pursuing, just appreciate the fact it is working in your favor.


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