An Overview of CrossFit

VIII. Conclusion

CrossFit programming is a fairly new and revolutionary strength training system. Because of this it seems many people question or even attack CrossFit and its founders and supporters. This discussion is definitely warranted and needed. Hopefully these opponents educate themselves about the wealth of evidence surrounding CrossFit before outright attacking it with arguments full of fallacies and irrational thought processes. 

Throughout the history of fitness, the expert opinions in the field have changed many times. For example, look at weight loss methods. Long ago it was common belief that simply jiggling your fat with a big strap hooked to a machine would cause weight loss. Soon after that, long “cardio” sessions were deemed the best way to lose fat. Now, the experts agree that short, intense workouts are better for burning fat. This is just one example of how information and knowledge has changed and evolved through the years. CrossFit is the newest and freshest knowledge in the fitness world. I am confident that soon enough CrossFit will be the norm in fitness training. It is already being taught in several high schools PE curriculums, just as traditional weight training has been for years (Wilson). 

CrossFit is more empirical, more scientific and more precise than any other program out there. The number of athletes training with CrossFit is sure to grow exponentially as people see the results others are achieving. 

IX. About the Author

Joey Dussel is a 23 year old college student currently pursuing a degree in Applied Exercise and Sports Science from Oregon State University. He earned his Level 1 Certification in October 2009. Since then, he has received additional certifications and founded CrossFit Corpora Sana. He would like to own his own box in the future. He wrote this paper to showcase the efficacy, safety and necessity of functional movements in a strength training program; and how CrossFit purports to achieve this.