2013-06-30 New Box Celebration!

New Box Celebration Workout:

Three parts to this workout, total time is 20 minutes. 

Part 1: Run 1 mile, then do AMRAP burpees until the time limit. Rx'd time is 8 minutes, scaled is 11 minutes. Score is total number of burpees

Part 2: 3 Trials of Max Effort Unbroken Double Unders. Athletes get to choose their own rest time between trials. Score is sum of all trials. If you can't (yet!) do double unders, you will do alternating speed step. If you take a long time on this part, you will have less time for the third part of the workout.

Part 3: Ascending rep scheme (by 3's) of KB or DB swing and Goblet squat. AMRAP until 20 minute time cap has been reached. 

3 swings
3 squats
6 swings
6 squats
9 swings
9 squats

Final score is burpees + Double Unders + Rounds and reps of part 3.

Cool Down:

Paleo Potluck! Bring a dish to share. 

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