2013-07-16 Tuesday + Coach's Musings

Extended Warm Up:

Jump on something high today or practice / prepare for Muscle Ups

Workout Of The Day:

For time;
Run 800m
9 muscle ups / 27 pull ups
21 Medicine Ball Clusters
Run 400m
7 Muscle Ups / 21 Pull ups
15 Medicine Ball Clusters
Run 200m
5 Muscle Ups / 15 Pull ups
9 Medicine Ball Clusters

Cool Down:

Cash Out of your choice

Coach's Musings...

Recently, I've noticed a lot more (sorta) negative comments being made about people in pictures posted on Facebook...but the comments are being made by the person IN the picture! It could be a new thing or maybe I'm just now noticing it, but it doesn't sit well with me. In CrossFit, we care about what you can do with your body, not what it looks like. What do we write on the whiteboard after the WOD? Your time, the weight you lifted, etc. NOT your weight or your inches or your clothing size. Don't get me wrong, I know lookinggoodnekkid is important. I totally get that.

I remember last time I PR'd on box jumps, my brother snapped a picture. Reviewing it before I uploaded it to Facebook, I was torn--I was proud of my new record, but disappointed my arms looked so small and my abs were not quite as good as they looked when I examine them in the bathroom mirror. I uploaded the photo because I settled on this thought; the people who would see that photo are my friends, and they would be excited for me.



They probably wouldn't notice what my arms looked like, and they certainly haven't seen my better-in-the-mirror-abs to compare to the picture, and even if they did think of something negative, they certainly wouldn't say anything about it. This is true for you to.

Here's the bottom line; don't make a comment about yourself if you're writing something that would be unacceptable for someone else to write. Don't ever say "Wow, my butt was twice as wide as that chair" or "I can't believe I let myself go out in public with a double chin like that!". Don't even comment about looking like you suck at a certain CrossFit movement (how could you tell that from a photo anyways??).

If someone else said something like these examples about you....be assured they won't be part of our program any longer. so don't write about yourself that way either!


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