2013-07-22 Monday + Important Announcement about upcoming week's workouts

Extended Warm Up:

Day 1 of Turkish Get Up Challenge: Since today is the first day, complete 1 rep on each side.

Today is a little easier since we are beginning deloading for CrossFit Total on Wednesday.

Workout Of The Day:

For time;

Row 1000m / Run 800m
21 Kettlebell Swings, American
Run 500m / Run 400m
15 Kettebell Swings, American
Row 250m / Run 200m
9 Kettlebell Swings, American

Cool Down:

Cash Out of your choice


On Friday, we will be doing a special WOD. Read the workout and description below and start to get ready mentally. 

"Mary Jane"

Complete AMRAP in 20 minutes; 

5 Handstand Push Ups
10 Power Cleans
15 Pull Ups

Discovered on Facebook, done in support of CrossFit Catalyst Health Group. Wear black and green so we can take a picture and send it to them.

Some extended CF family/community we have in NY is having a tribute WOD for there box owners mom her name is Mary Jane she is battling lung cancer. A few years ago when first diagnosed Adam created a WOD for his mom called "Mary Jane" 5 hspu, 10 cleans, 15 pull ups 20 min AMRAP. Today we are joining them in doing it again to show are support in one amazing woman's fight for her life. I have attached a picture of Adam and Marry. Adam is from Crossfit CHG (Catalyst health group) in Rochester NY. We here in Memphis will be joining in along with some friends in Savannah and Atlanta. We would love if you guys wanted to join us, or help spread the word. We are sharing our WOD pictures with them via Facebook the box colors are green and black if you want to dress in their colors as well.

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