2013-07-23 Tuesday + How to Become an Overnight Success

Extended Warm Up:

Day 2 of Turkish Get Up Challenge: 2 reps each side


Couch Stretch
Lat Smash

Final day of deloading before CrossFit total tomorrow. If you're not going to do the CrossFit Total on Wednesday, plan on doing Helen today.

Workout Of The Day:

Gymnastics practice. Complete these (not for time)

3x60 seconds Handstand
5x5 eccentric pull-ups (add weight)
5x15 second L Sit
3x8 Strict Toes to Bar

Cool Down:

Hip Mobility of your choice


Tomorrow is the last day to give money to Coach Joey for any items you would like to pick up at the 2013 CrossFit Games! 


How to Become an Overnight Success (From a great blog)

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