Program Design Insights

Hey everyone,

Wanted to give you some insight to the Program Design at CrossFit R3. It’s constantly evolving and we are always learning and to trying to make it better. 

A great deal of time and effort goes into the program design. We don’t just throw up a workout without thought as to why it’s going on the board and how it will benefit our clients. We think about the reps, the tempo, exactly how much rest there should be, etc, etc. 

Our goal for all of our clients is to achieve overall fitness in a safe and effective manner. To us, that means getting you stronger, faster, more enduring and overall healthy. We want you to feel great so you can live your life to the fullest!! We want you to be healthy and happy and come together in a great community.

Some of our long term clients are wondering why we don’t do workouts such as Fran, Angie, or "Hero" workouts all the time. If you’re not familiar with those workouts, they are the ones that make you feel like you want to throw up after, or you’re completely wiped out. While those workouts are good when done for a purpose, they are not something we do every day. Your workout should not make you feel like death on a daily basis. Yes, we do them on occasion, but at CrossFit R3, we do them with a purpose and a plan. It has been shown that if you keep that type of training up on a daily basis you will be worse off over time. We definitely do not want that for you or any of our clients. 

We have implemented testing phases and re-testing phases so we can see if our Program Design is working. We want to know what’s happening with our clients and we aren’t afraid to change the program if it isn’t working. Our last test was done a few weeks ago, and our next will be next week. 

After next week we will be testing again in five weeks. You can do your part by keeping track of your numbers and knowing how much you lift, how fast you run, etc. We do the program design but you need to do your part too. Keep track of this stuff. Workout with a purpose and a goal. Your time here is valuable so treat it as such. 

You will also notice that we definitely have a strength bias. We know, that by adding strength, we are increasing your overall capacity for workouts such as Fran, Helen, etc. The stronger you are, the more advantage you have when doing those types of workouts. We are also experimenting with work/rest scenarios. You might do a round of a workout then rest two minutes. In that two minutes you are recovering and teaching your body to recover faster, much like speed work done by track athletes. Over time you will increase your capacity and ability to repeat the same work faster, more times. 

We will be working on the Olympic Lifts frequently. The Olympic Lifts take years of mastery. We do not feel it's safe to perform max effort lifts 4+ days a week; or to throw these movements in a workout for time when the movement can’t be performed properly. Yes we do it on occasion and we try to make it as safe as possible but this is the reason you don’t see it done more often. We do not want to create bad habits that will eventually lead to injury. 

For overall fitness, I know our gym is one of the best in the area. You can do our program, be fit, safe, healthy, and get stronger and faster. Extra Bonus, we won't leave you feeling broken down and injured in the long run. At least that’s the goal anyways! 

Please let us know if you have questions. We may be busy at times but we are always here for you, whatever it may be. Fitness, life, nutrition, etc. We have the best community around and we are honored to be serving you.

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