2013-08-15 Thursday

Extended Warm Up:

First Rib Mobility and Cossack Squats 3x12

Workout Of The Day:

8 minute AMRAP
200m run with medball
15 Hand Release Push Ups

Rest three minutes

8 minute AMRAP
200m run
7 box jumps

A: Unweighted runs, regular push ups, low box jumps or step ups.

B: 16/12 lb medball, push Ups, 20/12 inch box jumps

C: 20/14 lb medball, HR Push ups, 24/20 inch box jumps

D: 20/14 lb medball, HR Push Ups, 30/24 inch box jumps

Cash Out: 

Max Double Unders in 2 minutes


For the Parents in our ranks: Don't swing your kids by the arms

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