2013-08-26 Monday

Extended Warm Up:

4 rounds of; 2 reps of each
Snatch, snatch balance, overhead squat
Snatch, overhead squat, SOTS press
Clean, push press, push jerk
Clean, Front Squat, Front squat SOTS

Workout Of The Day:

"The Big 21"

Complete the following reps of the designated exercises. 

3x5 and 6x1 (three sets of five plus six sets of one = 21 reps) 
Clean & Press
Clean & Jerk

Starting weights should be 5 lbs heavier than starting weights last week. Also, if you get to a weight that you can't complete after multiple attempts, complete the remainder of 21 reps at the heaviest weight you were able to complete. 

Scaling options for this workout will be as follows; 
Level A - Complete the reps of Clean & Press
Level B - Complete the reps for Clean & Press and Snatch
Level C - Complete the reps for Clean & Press, Snatch, and Clean & Jerk

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