2014-03-12 Wednesday | With an exercise you might not have seen before...

Extended Warm Up:

1a) 5x3 snatch (depending on your experience: muscle, power, or squat; from the hang or from the floor--Coach will tell you which)
1b) 5x1 snatch balance (do this before you return the bar to the floor after your last snatch from 1a)
1c) 5x3 seated bench jumps
1d) 20-30 seconds T-Spine Mobility or nerve gliding mobility drill

Workout Of The Day:

Complete the designated work EMOM;

Minutes 1 through 4: Max reps double unders / speed steps / singles in 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds
Minutes 5 and 6: Max reps push ups in 30 seconds, rest 30
Minutes 6 through 10: Max reps wall walks x 40 seconds, rest 20
Minutes 11 and 12: Max reps sit ups in 30 seconds, rest 30
Minutes 13 through 16: Max reps burpees in 40 seconds, rest 20


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