2014-05-01 Thursday

Extended Warm Up:

Complete this work, one half of group starts with the carries, one half starts with hammer / flags / shoot throughs;
4x100m Kettlebell carry; one Farmer’s, one Front Rack, one Overhead, one bottom’s up. You’ll want different weights for each.
3x1 minute max sledgehammer strikes on tire
25 Flags (reaching up with one hand = a half of a rep)
5x5 Shoot throughs

Workout Of The Day:


18 Min AMRAP
200 meter run
25 Weighted Situps (20/10)
50 Grasshoppers 
5 Deadlift (225/135)


18 Min AMRAP
200 meter run 
25 situps
50 Mountain Climbers
5 Deadlift (165/95)

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