CrossFit R3...A well-earned congratulations is due

CrossFit R3 members, this is to you.

I've been impressed by your development over the last year, but (as is the usual with incremental changes) I wasn't fully appreciative until recently.

Great habits have been formed, fears have been conquered, and goals have been surpassed.

But we expected that...let me explain why I say that. The program design (workouts, movement selection and emphasis, progressions, etc) is developed from a rock-solid base of knowledge that our coaching team has accrued over years of education and experience. This is a system meant to build you up bit by bit.

Now, this is where the well-earned congratulations comes in. You have decided to participate fully and have been working hard daily. The coaches helped you find an appropriate destination and gave you directions, but you controlled the journey--making sure you made the correct turns and you were fully in control of the gas pedal. The results are apparent to the coaches' eyes.

We've built up into a highly efficient, extremely intelligent group. Everywhere I look, I see athletes moving well. There's no sacrifice of form for weight or speed. Even more impressive to me is that when an athlete does slip (and we are talking about tiny things here), they immediately recognize the issue and nine-times-out-of-ten they know what to focus on to correct it. That's phenomenal. Taking it one step further, athletes frequently recognize the current limits of their abilities and scale appropriately BEFORE their movement breaks down. I love that!

As coaches, we've noticed a profound shift in our duties. Cues for safety issues (for example, reminding athletes to maintain a flat back while lifting) are almost never needed because everyone is moving so well. Now we pretty much only provide brief reminders to help maximize performance. Lifts and movements look great in all, not just some.

I usually see several internet videos each week of athletes doing the Olympic lifts, and to use those videos for comparison, every single lifter in our gym has cleaner movement and it's the NORM, not the exception, that they demonstrate that technique. That makes me so proud.

Thank you,