The Perfect Workout

Imagine the perfect workout. It would allow you to:

  • burn a ton of calories in as little time as possible—think 30 minutes or less
  • build muscle for a sculpted physique
  • improve your conditioning for short bursts and the long haul
  • build bone and keep you safe from fracture and injury
  • leave you feeling like an athlete who just competed for a championship

What if you could achieve all this, and when you were done, your body continued with the accelerated calorie burn for as much as a day or two after your workout?

This workout is not a dream. it's CrossFit. It is so effective because instead of having you exercise for a long period of time at a steady state (such as jogging), you use intermittent bursts of intense physical effort interspersed with rest, allowing for moments of relief.

There is a catch to CrossFit, and this is where some people get lost—CrossFit challenges your physical capacities. It’s hard. Some days it may challenge your will to keep going.

But, CrossFit is one of those few amazing things in life that gives you back way more than you put into it. Chances are, if you try CrossFit, you’ll “love” it for the following reasons:

  • Your workout is short—research shows you can change your body and build strength with workouts ranging from 7 to 30 minutes long.
  • Because it’s interval-based and often uses a variety of different lifts, time flies by and it’s less boring and tedious than traditional aerobic training.
  • It enhances self worth, physical confidence, and mental toughness, while allowing you to perform feats you never dreamed you could before.

What is your workout today??